Green Tips

10 Myths About "Green" Living - The reality about living more earth-friendly and sustainably might not be what you expected.

Can the ocean keep up with the hunt? - Get the facts about commercial fishing, aquaculture and how these effect the planet. Track your fish from farm to table.

Mission Blue - And along those lines, be sure to view this Netflix documentary about the dangerous road our oceans are on and read my review.

The Pros and Cons of Wind Power - Familiarize yourself with the historical relationship between humans and wind and recognize the positive and negative aspects of wind power. Renewable Energy? I'm a big fan. (That's a pun, in case you didn't catch it.)

Paper or Plastic? - Find out exactly why you should be bringing reusable bags to carry all your purchases.

Getting Around - The most significant change an individual could make toward reducing their carbon footprint is to cut down on how much they drive.

Buying Food: The naked truth about organic and local - Recognize the importance of knowing where your food comes from and what is being used to grow or raise it.

50 Energy Saving Tips - A list of 50 things you can do to decrease your energy use and bill at home.

50 Water Saving Tips - 50 things you can do to cut back on your water use inside your home and out.

The cycle of cynicism leads to apathy, but the cycle of hope leads to a better world.

Greening Your Home

In part 1, learn about purchasing sustainable furniture and using wall and floor coverings that are eco-friendly. Discover small ways to reflect your personal style in your home without hurting the planet (or your bank account) by reading part 2. In part 3, find out about the earth-friendly products and the many ways in which they are equal if not superior to their conventional cleaning counterparts.

The holiday season brings out the inner consumer in all of us, but you can keep your vow to sustainable living by following a few simple guidelines. 

Green Chic