12 Yoga Tips:

  1. Keep a practice journal - don't let insights from your practice get lost in your daily activities.
  2. Become an artist - draw picture of poses and where you struggle.
  3. Make space in your home - practicing in the same place creates an imprint.
  4. Define your practice - state your intention before you begin.
  5. Invest in a sticky mat - find security and avoid slipping and hurting yourself.
  6. Balance the postures with relaxation - both aspects are equally important to your practice.
  7. Build a library of books and CDs - keep expert advice on hand.
  8. Learn Sanskrit - this language has been associated with yoga for millennia.
  9. Take breathing breaks - stay aware of your breath throughout the day.
  10. Let the practices do their work - don't force it, it'll happen.
  11. Got to bed on time - it's easier to wake up earlier for a long practice if you have enough rest.
  12. Quiet the critics - you are your biggest one.

Yoga Journal on Twitter:

Yama - Self-restraints (how we morally interact with each other)

Niyama - Self-restraints (how we morally interact with ourselves)

Asana - Practice of yoga postures and movements, control of body


Pranayama - Practice of breathing exercises and techniques, control of breath and life force

Pratyahara - Practice of bringing the awareness to reside deep within oneself, control of senses

Dharana - Concentration and steadying of the mind free of external (noises) or internal (useless thoughts) distractions.

Dhyana - Meditation

Samadhi - Bliss, aka: enlightenment.