Real Food Tips

Why cut out processed foods:

  1. Processed foods are an illusion of nutrition that lists claims such as, low-carb, no added sugar, high-protein, high-fiber, vitamin fortified etc. But when you take a look at the label you see words like "Polydextrose," "Azodicarbonamide," and "Natamycin."
  2. Healthier body, mind and soul... and a foundation for continued health in later life.
  3. Michael Pollan says it best when he explains food should be the product of nature, not the product of industry.
  4. Variety: 90% of processed food is estimated to be a derivative of corn or soy (Food, Inc.)
  5. Plain and simple, common sense: I'd like to know (and have the ability to pronounce) what I'm putting in to fuel my body, wouldn't you? 

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