Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Your Best Butt Forward

Everyone should include a butt exercise in their routine and here's why: strong glutes can enhance athletic performance, prevent injury, improve posture and result in a nice shape.

All women gain muscle differently, but all women can benefit from strengthening their butt. This is a workout that will help you put your best butt forward. Have a happy Workout Wednesday and as always, drink plenty of water and rest whenever you feel you need to.

You can download the printable pdf of this workout here.

Below is a description of how to do these workout moves. For a full list you can check out my glossary here. You can also find more printable workouts by clicking here.

Jumping Jacks
 Starting standing with feet together and arms straight by your sides. Jump up and spread your arms and legs wide as you land. Jump up again to return to center.

Take a big step forward with your left foot, bend your knees and lower your body until both legs form 90-degree angles. Push off with your left foot and stand back up. Do reps, and then repeat on other leg. 

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, arms by sides, bend your knees slowly until your upper legs are parallel with the floor and raise arms straight to shoulder level in front of you. Your chest should be slightly forward and your knees should not extend past your toes. Immediately return to standing with arms by side. 

Plie Squat
With hand on your hips, stand with feet facing toward opposite walls in a wide stance. bend you knees to a 90 degree angle keeping your back straight and your entire body in a single plane. Don't let your knees extend over your toes; if they do, make your stance wider. Straighten your legs to the starting position and repeat.

Side Lunge
Stand with feet together and hands on hips. Take one large step to the right and keeping the left leg straight bend the right leg, lowering yourself toward the ground. Stand back up and bring your right foot back to touch the left. Then repeat on the left side.

Butt Kickers
Start in a standing position. Start jogging in place kicking your foot as close to your butt as you can with each step.

Short Bridge
Lay on your back with arms by your side and feet flat against the floor, hip-width distance apart. Lift your hips from the mat until your body forms a straight line from shoulder to knee.

Side Leg Circles
Lie down on your side, hip on the floor, and prop yourself up on your forearm. Lift your top leg in a circle toward the front, up, back then down. Do the required number of reps then switch to your other side.